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Founded 2008
Headquarters Reston, Virginia, USA
Area served
Services Mobile application development
Website gocanvas.com

GoCanvas (previously known as Canvas)[1] is a United States-based technology company which provides mobile apps and forms for data collection and sharing.[2] The company's main offices are in Reston, Virginia, with a regional office in Sydney, Australia.[3] Founded in 2008, Canvas specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS). It achieved a first round of funding in 2011.[4] In 2014 the company had 50 employees.[4]

GoCanvas services provide mobile and tablet interfaces for filling out forms or collecting other data, which is then stored online, through a cloud model. Apps offered by the company allow businesses to decrease paper usage.[4] MyCanvas is a service which allows access to data created by paid accounts, allowing, for example, a customer to review records they have submitted to a GoCanvas user.[5][6]

GoCanvas allows users to customize their apps and can include GPS location capture, photos, signature capture, and reference data. Data can be exported in a comma-separated values spreadsheet or a pdf.[7]


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