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Caparo plc is a British company involved mainly in the steel industry, primarily in the design, manufacturing and marketing of steel and niche engineering products.[1]

Current affairs[edit]

Caparo was founded by Lord Swraj Paul, in 1968.[1]

The group was put into administration, according to a report published on 19 October 2015.[2] The Group had over 20 companies including:

  • Caparo Vehicle Technologies Ltd
  • Caparo Tube Components Ltd
  • Caparo Tube Components 2 Ltd
  • Caparo Vehicle Products Ltd
  • Caparo Vehicle Products India Pvt Ltd
  • Caparo Engineered Products Ltd
  • Caparo Accles and Pollock Ltd
  • Caparo Forging Ltd
  • Caparo Bridge Aluminium Ltd
  • CMT Engineering Ltd
  • Caparo Dynamics Ltd
  • Caparo Clamps Ltd
  • Clydesdale Jones Ltd
  • CMT Tube Fittings Ltd
  • Caparo Modular Systems Ld
  • Caparo Insulation Ltd
  • Caparo Merchent Bar Ltd
  • Caparo Tube Tradegar Ltd
  • Caparo Drawn Tubes Ltd
  • Caparo Testing Technologies Ltd
  • Hub La Bas Lts
  • Caparo Steel Products Ltd
  • Caparo Wire Ltd
  • Caparo Precision Strip Ltd
  • JB&S Lees Ltd
  • Caparo Precision Strip Inc
  • Firth Cleveland Steel Strip Ltd
  • Firth Cleveland Steels Inc
  • Bull Moose Tube Company
  • Grand River Fabricating Inc
  • Caparo Middle East LLC
  • Caparo Fasteners India Ltd
  • Caparo Aluminium India Ltd
  • Caparo Tubes Ltd
  • Caparo India Ltd
  • Caparo Finicial Services Ltd
  • Caparo Maruti Ltd
  • Caparo MI Steel Processors Pvt Ltd
  • Caparo Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • Caparo Forgery & Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • Caparo Power Ltd
  • Caparo Power Bawal Ltd
  • Caparo Engineering & Constriction Pvt Ltd


The group was headed by Angad Paul, the son of Lord Paul, from 1996, until his death on 8 November 2015.[3]

According to a text published 1995, the Caparo group specialized in take-overs. At the time of publishing, the company had fixed assets and investments (having been quoted), of £26 million.[4]

A court case involving Caparo, dated to 1990, has become the standard in cases where it is necessary to establish negligence.[5]


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