Capocorb Vell

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Coordinates: 39°23′51″N 2°49′27″E / 39.3976°N 2.8241°E / 39.3976; 2.8241

Capocorb Vell

Capocorb Vell is a talayotic site on Mallorca, located about 12 km from Llucmajor, towards Cap Blanc. It is one of the most highly excavated talayotic sites in the Balearic islands. Another such site is Ses Païsses.

There are a number of talayots to the North-East of the main site,[1] which is reminiscent of the (accidental or intentional) South-West to North-East alignment of Son Oleza.[2]



Capocorb Vell Rundgang
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