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Funaria is also the name of a genus of nematodes in order Dorylaimida
Funaria hygrometrica1.jpg
Funaria hygrometrica
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Subclass: Funariidae
Order: Funariales
Family: Funariaceae
Genus: Funaria

Funaria apophysata
Funaria hygrometrica

Funaria is a genus of approximately 210 species of moss. Funaria hygrometrica is the most common species. Funaria hygrometrica is called “cord moss” because of the twisted seta which is very hygroscopic and untwists when moist. The name is derived from Latin word “funis” meaning a rope.

Capsules are abundant with the moss surviving as spore when conditions are not suitable.

Moss plant Funaria grows in dense patches or cushions in moist shady and cool places during the rainy seasons. It has a height of 3–5 cm, a radial symmetry with a differentiation of an axis or stem, leaves or phylloids and multicellular colorless branched rhizoids with oblique septa.

These are primitive multicellular, autotrophic, shade loving, amphibious plants. They reproduce by spore formation. They have no vascular system. Root like structures called rhizoids are present. They show alternation of generation i.e. the gametophytic stage alternates with the sporophytic stage.

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