Captain Tsubasa J: Get In The Tomorrow

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Captain Tsubasa J: Get In The Tomorrow
Captain Tsubasa J Get in the Tomorrow.jpg
Cover art
SeriesCaptain Tsubasa
Genre(s)Traditional soccer simulation[1]

Captain Tsubasa J: Get In The Tomorrow (キャプテン翼J ゲットインザトゥモロウ) is a Japan-exclusive action/cinematic soccer video game released in 1995 by Bandai for the PlayStation. The game is one of few to have two modes: a friendly match mode and a story mode in which you follow the plot of the actual anime.

Story Mode[edit]

The story line first starts off in the junior World Cup grand final between Japan and Germany. During this first match, you are likely to learn that it is difficult to score against the German keeper, Deuter Müller. However, each time you finish a match no matter if it was a defeat or draw, your players gain experience points making the next retry easier.

After winning a number of games with Japan Junior, the focus changes to Shingo Aoi (葵新伍) just as it does in the anime.

Player Levels[edit]

Each player can reach a maximum of level 100. Increasing a player's level boosts all his stats including speed, power, stamina, and shooting. Particular players will also learn special shots at certain levels. Note that each player's level corresponds only to one team and one mode. For example, Tsubasa Oozora (大空翼)'s level may not be the same when choosing Japan and Japan Junior. Be sure to save your data whether it is in story or friendly match mode.


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