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CapturaTalk is a piece of assistive technology software which, when installed onto a mobile phone, allows you to take a picture of some text and then have it read aloud.[1] It was created primarily to help people who require literacy support[2] for disabilities such as dyslexia,[3] or people learning English. As well as scanning pictures and converting them to speech, CapturaTalk is also able to read documents, text messages, contacts, internet pages, PDF files and e-mails received or opened on the phone. CapturaTalk also incorporates the Oxford English Dictionary, so if you aren't sure what a word means you can look it up, and have the definition read out. It was developed by Mobispeech, a joint venture by iansyst Ltd and Raspberry Software Ltd.

CapturaTalk has been featured by the BBC[4][5] and in October 2009 CapturaTalk won the Handheld Learning Award for Innovation in the Special Needs & Inclusion Category at the Handheld Learning Conference 2009.[6][7]

CapturaTalk runs on Windows Mobile Professional Devices as long as they are touchscreen, have a two megapixel camera, 65 MB of storage and the operating system is Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.

CapturaTalk version 3 was released in March 2010, following its preview at the BETT show in January 2010. There is a free upgrade available for anyone who purchased version 2.

CapturaTalk for Windows is now end of life. In January 2012 an Android version was released.


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