Carey Theological College

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Carey Theological College
Established1960 (1960)
Religious affiliation
Canadian Baptists of Western Canada
Academic affiliation
University of British Columbia
British Columbia

49°16′18″N 123°14′56″W / 49.27156°N 123.2490°W / 49.27156; -123.2490

Carey Theological College is an evangelical Christian seminary based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was begun as a ministry of the Baptist Union of Western Canada (now known as the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada).[1]

Carey Theological College is actively involved with the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and affiliated with the University of British Columbia. The college makes use of theological scholars in the area, particularly through a working relationship with Regent College, an evangelical graduate school of theology situated nearby.

Carey is an active participant of the Network of Evangelical Theological Schools of Western Canada, a network providing shared distributive-learning options both to those in ministry and those preparing for ministry. For example, the college has a working relationship with Taylor Seminary, a graduate school of the North American Baptist Conference located in Edmonton.

Also, as of the fall of 2012, reciprocal academic arrangements were agreed upon with the Prairie Bible Institute of Three Hills, Alberta. Currently, fourth year students in Prairie's ministry and theological programs are eligible to receive advanced standing in Carey's master's degree programs or alternatively, a student may enroll in courses from Carey after completing three years at Prairie and have Carey's graduate credits fulfill fourth year bachelor's degree requirements at the Bible College as well as apply toward a master's degree.

Carey places an emphasis on applied theology, particularly preaching, missions, urban studies, evangelism, spiritual formation and equipping ministries.


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