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CaringBridge Inc.
Type Non-profit Social Network and Health Crisis Information Portal
Founded 1997
Structure 15 Board Members

56 Paid Staff as of 2023

Leadership Sona Mehring, Founder

Tia Newcomer, Chief Executive Officer

Governance Scott Spiker, Chair of the Board
Field Health Crisis Support
Scope Provide communication portals to families and friends during significant health crises

CaringBridge Inc. is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization[1] established in 1997[2] which allows people facing various medical conditions and their family and friends to communicate. CaringBridge is the first and most widely used global communication platform for supporting health journeys of any kind. It is dedicated to helping family and friends communicate and support caregivers, as well as the loved ones they are caring for, during a health journey. This is achieved through the use of free and ad-free personal CaringBridge pages. CaringBridge prioritizes privacy with no advertisements or selling of user data. People who are provided with an individual's personal website address (URL) and password can read updates on the individual's condition or post messages to the family as needed. CaringBridge is headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota. All CaringBridge sites are free and CaringBridge is funded by donor support.


CaringBridge allows patients, caregivers, families, and friends to exchange information about a patient's medical condition on an ongoing basis.[3] The websites are designed to become conduits between patients, their families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.[4] When visiting an individual’s website, visitors can post messages of support, donate to GoFundMe accounts, or send donations.

Key Facts and Figures (2022 Data)[edit]


  • Every 12 minutes, a CaringBridge Site is created for someone experiencing a health journey.
  • Each day, the private and ad-free platform receives nearly 300K visits from people sharing health updates and rallying around loved ones. CaringBridge has made it simple and safe for millions of people to offer and ask for support when it’s needed most.
  • Every hour 1,600 messages of love, hope and compassion are posted on a loved one’s CaringBridge site.
  • Nearly three-fourths of sites were created by a person supporting a loved one on a health journey.
  • CaringBridge is a donor-supported nonprofit, with nearly 90% of funding coming from the people who have experienced the power of CaringBridge firsthand.
  • In 2022, CaringBridge grew its partners to 181, with a focus on developing deeper relationships with mission-aligned organizations, including large cancer and caregiving organizations. Additionally, CaringBridge continued to partner with cancer and pediatric hospitals, as well as healthcare organizations, all of which refer CaringBridge to their patients, family caregivers and members.
  • Since June 7, 1997, nearly 1 million CaringBridge sites have been created. More than 1.5 million people have made more than 1.8 million gifts to CaringBridge, since becoming a nonprofit in 2002.


CaringBridge was created in 1997 by Sona Mehring when her close friend gave premature birth to a daughter.[6][2] The site was intended to keep family and friends informed about the child.

  • 1997: Sona Mehring creates the original CaringBridge website
  • 1998: More than 50 sites established on the platform
  • 2000: Donor support begins
  • 2001: Board of directors established
  • 2002: Nonprofit status granted
  • 2005: Donations reach $1 million
  • 2006: More than 5,000 sites established
  • 2007: First national media coverage
  • 2009: Spanish-language support added
  • 2012: 132,000 donors; 110 volunteers
  • 2013: Sona Mehring’s first book, Hope Conquers All: Inspiring Stories of Love and Healing from CaringBridge is published
  • 2018 Launch of a new CaringBridge app makes it faster and easier for patients and caregivers to provide updates and to send messages of help, hope and healing
  • 2021: Tia Newcomer replaces Liwanag Ojala as Chief Executive Officer[7]
  • 2022: CaringBridge announces the first World Caring Day, June 7, 2022, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CaringBridge and the millions of acts of caring that happen every day


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