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"Carissima" is a piece for small orchestra by the English composer Sir Edward Elgar.

It was composed in December 1913 and published in 1914 by Elkin & Co.

It was the first work of Elgar's to be recorded, and the recording was its first performance. Landon Ronald persuaded Elgar to conduct the work for a recording by the Gramophone Company on 21 January 1914, so that a recording would be available when the piece was first played publicly.[1] It was dedicated to Winifred Stephens "Mrs. Jeffrey Stephens", who was sister of the singer Muriel Foster and worked for the recording company.[2] The first public performance was at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 15 February 1914, conducted by Landon Ronald.[3]

Elgar arranged this work for piano solo.[4]


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