Carl Heinrich 'Bipontinus' Schultz

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Carl Heinrich 'Bipontinus' Schultz

Carl Heinrich Schultz (30 June 1805 – 17 December 1867) was a German physician and botanist, and a brother to botanist Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz (1804–1876).

He is referred to as Carl Heinrich 'Bipontinus' Schultz, Carl Heinrich Schultz Bipontinus or just Bipontinus, this being a Latinized reference to his birthplace Zweibrücken (Two Bridges). This was necessary because there lived in his lifetime another German botanist of the same name, known as Carl Heinrich 'Schultzenstein' Schultz.

Tombstone in Deidesheim


From 1825 he studied medicine and sciences at the University of Erlangen, where he was a student of botanist Wilhelm Daniel Joseph Koch. In 1827 he continued his education at the University of Munich, where his influences included the naturalist Maximilian Perty. In 1830 he took a study trip to Paris, and after his return, settled into a medical practice in Munich. From 1832 to 1835 he was imprisoned for political reasons, and after his release, spent many years working as a physician at the Deidesheim hospital (1836–67).[1][2]

He specialized in studies of Compositae and was the taxonomic author of many species within the family. In 1866 Friedrich Alefeld named the genus Bipontinia (family Fabaceae) in his honor.[2]

In 1840, Schultz along with 25 scholars from the Palatinate and neighboring areas founded POLLICHIA, a scientific society named in honor of botanist Johan Adam Pollich (1740-1780). Schultz died in Deidesheim on December 17, 1867.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Analysis Cichoriacearum Palatinatus, 1841.
  • Beitrag zur Geschichte und geographischen Verbreitung der Cassiniaceen (Contribution to the History and Geographical Spread of Cassiniaceae), 1866.


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