Carl Hensler

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Carl Hensler
Born Carl Peter Hensler
November 7, 1898
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Died November, 1984
Nationality United States
Education St. Vincent's Seminary, North American College
Occupation priest
Employer Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
Known for Catholic Radical Alliance
Title Monsignor
Religion Roman Catholic
Parent(s) Charles P. Hensler, Margaret E. Klein
Relatives Clara Hensler (sister; aka Sister Estelle), Paul Joseph Hensler (brother), Cecilia Hensler Johnson (sister), John Francis Hensler (brother), Mildred Hensler Graham (sister), Francis Gerard Hensler (brother), Mary Hensler (cousin)

Carl Hensler was an American Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He was trained at St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and at the North American College in Rome. He was a pupil of minimum wage proponent, John A. Ryan.[1] After an initial spell in Braddock, Pennsylvania, he left for China to help establish the Catholic University of Peking. He returned to Pittsburgh as an assistant pastor at St. Lawrence, and was a founding member of the Catholic Radical Alliance. He died in 1984.[2]


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