Carl Meyer tenement in Bydgoszcz

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Carl Meyer tenement
Polish: Kamienica Carla Meyera w Bydgoszczy
Tenement from Gdanska Street
Tenement from Gdanska Street
General information
Architectural styleEclecticism
LocationGdanska Street 60, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Coordinates53°7′51″N 18°0′32″E / 53.13083°N 18.00889°E / 53.13083; 18.00889
ClientCarl Meyer
Technical details
Floor count4
Design and construction
ArchitectCarl Meyer

Carl Meyer tenement is a habitation house located at Gdańska street 60.


The building stands on the eastern side of Gdańska Street, between Słowackiego street and Adam Mickiewicz Alley. It is adjacent to:

both historical buildings in Bydgoszcz.


The edifice was designed and built in 1891-1892 by the architect Carl Meyer from Bromberg for his own use;[1] he lived in the city from 1885 to 1913.

At the time of its erection, the tenement was located at Danzigerstraße 138.[2] Carl Meyer built several other edifices in downtown Bydgoszcz, among others:

After Meyer's departure, during the interwar period, the building housed the Scientific Society of Physicians (Polish: Naukowe Towarzystwo Lekarzy) from 1913 to 1923.[3]


The house boasts eclecticism forms with Dutch Mannerism in its brick facade.

On the frontage, in a niche between the windows of the first floor, is located a sculpture of a woman, holding a roll of paper and a compass, as an allegory of Architecture and Construction. This all refers to the profession of Carl Meyer, as builder of this tenement.[4]

It is not without reminding allegories displayed on the tenement at Gdańska Street N°9. Another detail is the initials MC (i.e. Meyer Carl), placed between the windows of the second floor.

The building's interiors are particularly characterized by wood carving works at the gate, preserved original stained glass, and pilaster-arcades with stucco details in the entrance hallway.


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