Carlo d'Aragona Tagliavia

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Carlo d'Aragona Tagliavia (Castelvetrano, Sicily, 1530 – Madrid, 25 September 1599) was a Spanish noble and viceroy.

He was the son of Giovanni Tagliavia, count of Castelvetrano, and Beatrice de Aragon y Cruillas, only daughter of Carlos de Aragon, marquis of Avola.

He was a Knight of the Order of Aviz, the governor of the Duchy of Milan from 1583 to 1592, and Viceroy of Sicily two times, in 1556–1568 and 1571–1577. He was also Viceroy of Catalonia in 1581–1582.

He became first Duke of Terranova on 17 August 1561 and Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1585.

He married Margherita Ventimiglia and Cardinal Simeone Tagliavia d'Aragona was his son.
He was succeeded as Duke of Terranova by his grandson Carlos Tagliavia de Aragón (died 1605).

Preceded by
García Álvarez de Toledo
Viceroy of Sicily
Succeeded by
Francesco Ferdinando d'Ávalos
Preceded by
Giuseppe Francesco Landriano
Viceroy of Sicily
Succeeded by
Marcantonio Colonna
Preceded by
Francisco de Moncada y Cardona
Viceroy of Catalonia
Succeeded by
Juan de Zúñiga y Avellaneda
Preceded by
Sancho de Guevara y Padilla
Governor of the Duchy of Milan
Succeeded by
Juan Fernández de Velasco, 5th Duke of Frías