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Carlos Eddé (Arabic: كارلوس إدة‎‎)(born in 1956), is a Lebanese politician. He has been the president of Lebanese National Bloc since 2000 [1] succeeding his uncle Raymond Eddé.

In 2004 he participated actively in the 14 March Alliance and was among those who formulated the strategy to unify the opposition, leading to the departure of the Syrians. He presented a complete electoral law to reform the inefficient election system based on the single district. He also put forward a complete economic plan at the time of the election aiming to reinvigorate the Lebanese economy.In 2005, he unsuccessfully ran for the Maronite seat of Byblos (Jbeil), longtime stronghold of his party, winning 32,125 votes against 50,840 for the Maronite candidate of the Free Patriotic Movement [1]. He also ran unsuccessfully for the Maronite seat in Kesserwan in the 2009 elections and also lost to the Free Patriotic Movement candidate. He keeps on a hard line against sectarianism, the Syrian influence in Lebanon and is in favor of the disarmament of Hezbollah. As president of the Bloc National, he holds the title "Al-Amid" meaning "The Dean" in Arabic.