Carmelo Domênico Recchia

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Carmelo Domênico Recchia, O. Cist
Abbot of Claraval (emeritus)
Church Roman Catholic Church
See Territorial abbey of Claraval
In office 1976 - 1999
Predecessor Pedro José Agostini
Successor none
Ordination 4 August 1946
Personal details
Born 14 December 1921
Sora, Italy
Died 26 August 2015 (aged 93)

Carmelo Domênico Recchia, O. Cist, (14 December 1921 – 26 August 2015) was an Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Recchia was born in Sora and ordained a priest on 4 August 1946 from the religious order of Order of Cistercians. Recchia was confirmed Abbot of the Territorial abbey of Claraval on 7 December 1976. Recchia retired as abbot of Claraval on 24 March 1999.

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