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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Division: Rhodophyta
Class: Florideophyceae
Order: Gigartinales
Family: Kallymeniaceae
Genus: Callophyllis
Kützing, 1843
Species [1]

Callophyllis acrocarpa
Callophyllis adhaerens
Callophyllis adnata
Callophyllis angustifrons
Callophyllis atrosanguinea
Callophyllis beringensis
Callophyllis calliblepharoides
Callophyllis centrifuga
Callophyllis cervicornis
Callophyllis coccinia
Callophyllis crassifolia
Callophyllis crenulata
Callophyllis crispata
Callophyllis decumbens
Callophyllis depressa
Callophyllis dissecta
Callophyllis divaricata
Callophyllis edentata
Callophyllis elongata
Callophyllis fastigiata
Callophyllis filicina
Callophyllis gardneri
Callophyllis haenophylla
Callophyllis hayamensis
Callophyllis heanophylla
Callophyllis japonica
Callophyllis laciniata
Callophyllis laingiana
Callophyllis lambertii
Callophyllis lecomtei
Callophyllis ligulata
Callophyllis linearis
Callophyllis linguata
Callophyllis mageshimensis
Callophyllis marginifructa
Callophyllis megalocarpa
Callophyllis microdonta
Callophyllis nana
Callophyllis obtusifolia
Callophyllis odonthalioides
Callophyllis ornata
Callophyllis palmata
Callophyllis papulosa
Callophyllis phyllohaptera
Callophyllis pinnata
Callophyllis platyna
Callophyllis plumosa
Callophyllis radula
Callophyllis rangiferina
Callophyllis rhynchocarpa
Callophyllis stenophylla
Callophyllis tenera
Callophyllis thompsonii
Callophyllis variegata
Callophyllis violacea

Callophyllis is a red algae genus in the family Kallymeniaceae. Several species are exploited as edible seaweeds under the common name carola, most commonly Callophyllis variegata.[2]


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