Carolina Michaëlis de Vasconcelos

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Carolina Michaëlis de Vasconcellos

Carolina Michaëlis de Vasconcelos, born Karoline Michaelis (March 15, 1851 - November 18, 1925) was a German-Portuguese romanist.[1][2]

Early life, education and private life[edit]

Michaelis was born in Berlin as the last of five children of Gustav Michaelis, a mathematics teacher.

In 1876 she married Joaquim António da Fonseca Vasconcelos, founder of Portuguese art history writing.

Academic career[edit]

In 1911, she became the first female professor in Romance studies and German studies, at the Faculdade de Letras at the university of Lisbon.

Death, honours and commemoration[edit]

Michaëlis de Vasconcelos died in Porto in November 1925.

Several schools and streets have been named in her honour in both Portugal and Germany.

The Porto Metro station Carolina Michaelis is on 'Line A'.

In 2001 Portugal issued a postage stamp to commemorate her 150th anniversary.


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