Carolina University of Theology

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Carolina University of Theology
Type Private / unaccredited
Established 1990/1991
Affiliation Reconciliation Community Church, Manassas, VA, USA.[1]
President John R. Peyton
Academic staff
Students Unknown
Location Manassas, Virginia, USA

Carolina University of Theology or CUT is a private Christian university located in Manassas, Virginia, United States offering accredited theological degrees by distance learning. It is an affiliate and educational outreach ministry of 'Reconciliation Community Church' of the same locality.

Mission statement[edit]

The mission of Carolina University of Theology is to provide continued educational programs to students who fall into two categories: (1) Those are unable to attend full-time classes on campus. This can be accomplished through the University's home study/online programs. (2) Those who are able to attend on campus classes twice a week. The University has purposely abbreviated requirements for undergraduate and graduate degrees in an effort to allow those with a busy schedule ample time to complete their desired area of study. It is the University's position that the same information can be learned and retained by reading one or two books instead of four or five provided it is the right book. Carolina University of Theology's desire and number one mission is to equip those called by God to be used in the building up of His people and kingdom through the local church or Para-ministry.


To enrich and train believers for service; to be a dynamic spiritual organization empowered by the Holy Spirit to teach and instruct men and women in the knowledge of God’s Word, His plans, purposes and power. To be a spiritual fellowship of learning, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing His person, and responding in obedience to His leadership. To help people develop and experience a growing knowledge of God and man. To equip men and women of God for the call of God upon their lives. To equip men and women of God for the ministry of Jesus Christ. To be an institution that ministers unselfishly to the educational needs of Christian believers around the world. To be an institution of learning, whose purpose is to be and to help others to become Christ-like in their daily living by emphasizing total commitment of life personality and possessions to the lordship of Christ.


Carolina University of Theology was founded by Dr. Gene Thompson of Iron Station, North Carolina in 1990-91. It was his dream to establish a school that would serve and aide the busy pastor, minister or lay person involved in ministry with the opportunity to earn an affordable degree. Understanding the hectic and overwhelming schedules of these prospective students, Dr. Thompson decided on a self-pace education program that would allow the student to earn his/her degree at a manageable pace in the comfort of their home. .[3]

Academic programs[edit]

Carolina University of Theology offers the following programs.

    Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)
    Master of Christian Education (MCE)
    Master of Christian Counseling Psychology (MCCP)(Unaccredited)
    Master of Ministry (MM)
    Master of Theology (MTH)
    Doctor of Christian Education (DCE)
    Doctor of Christian Counseling Psychology (DCCP)(Unaccredited) 
    Doctor of Ministry  (DMIN)
    Doctor of Theology (DTH)


Carolina University of Theology is exempt by the State of Virginia from requirements to offer degrees as a religious institution.


Carolina University of Theology is unaccredited by any accreditation body recognized by CHEA or the USDE. Degrees from this school therefore lack utility in use for transfer to other university.


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