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Caroline Gaudriault

Caroline Gaudriault (born in Paris) is an author of a dozen literary books and essays, translated in different languages.[1] She is also conceiving art installations based on her literary texts in prestigious museums. She was working for a long time as a journaliste for international renown magazines and collaborates, the last 20 years, closely with the French photographer Gérard Rancinan.

Her philosophical texts and essays are inspiration for Rancinan's photographs. Her editorial works and his photographs are influencing each other reciprocally. Therefore they are working as an artistic couple and exhibiting together their works, photographs as well as texts and books.[2]

Together, they are conceiving projects, whereas Gaudriault curates [3] exhibition and is in charge of the editorial outlines.[4] Furthermore she gives form to her texts by integrating them into a calligraphy installation. These installations became part of the group exhibitions with Rancinan.[5][6]


As an independent journalist, Caroline Gaudriault contributes to international publications including Paris-Match,[7] The Sunday Times Magazine, Stern and Time,[8] and runs her blog, The Zig-Zag, which was launched in 2013.[9]


One of the early collaboration projects with Gerard Rancinan was her historical reviewing of the people surviving Hiroshima. The project Paroles d'hibakusha presents the survivors, the so called hibakusha, and gives them the possibility to express themselves. Caroline Gaudriault was conducting interviews in order to present the individual history and destiny.[10]

A crucial projet in her work is also the book A Small Man in a Big World, she published in 2014, in which was translated in English and Chinese.[11] She conducted an interview with the American political scientist and senior fellow professor at Stanford University, Francis Fukuyama.[12] Their thoughts about political systems, relationship with Modernity, cultural heritage and social contradictions became the leitmotiv of the interview. The relationship between the system and Mankind gave birth to the photographical series of Gerard Rancinan Small Man.


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