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Caroline von Gomperz-Bettelheim, or C(K)aroline Bettelheim, pseudonym: Tellheim (Hungarian: Bettelheim-Gomperz Caroline, June 1, 1845, Pest - December 13, 1925, Vienna) was a Hungarian-Austrian court singer and member of the Royal Opera, Vienna. Her younger brother was Anton Bettelheim.

She was born at Pest (Budapest), Hungary. She studied pianoforte with Karl Goldmark, and singing with Moritz Laufer. At the age of 14, she made her début as a pianist, and two years later appeared for the first time in opera at Vienna. She eventually obtained a permanent engagement at the Royal Opera in that city. She has occasionally starred in her favorite rôles in other cities of Germany as well as in London. She was the wife of Julius Ritter von Gomperz, president of the Austrian chamber of commerce and member of the Upper House.

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