Carolyn Raffensperger

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Carolyn Raffensperger
Occupationauthor, lawyer, environmentalist
Alma materWheaton College; Northwestern University
SpouseFred Kirschenmann

Carolyn E. Raffensperger is an environmental lawyer and the executive director of the Science & Environmental Health Network, as well as being a leading expert on the Precautionary Principle. She has authored a number of papers and publications, as well as being featured in a number of notable magazines.[1] Raffensperger was also a state field representative for the Sierra Club.[2]

Early life[edit]

Raffensperger was raised in Chicago and is the daughter of John G. Raffensperger, a paediatric surgeon.[3] After gaining an interest in archaeology while at college, she went on to study a bachelor's degree at Wheaton College, before then completing her master's degree at Northwestern University. She then worked in Dolores, Colorado, studying artifacts from the Anasazi people.[4] She went on to work for the Sierra Club.


Raffensperger joined the Science & Environmental Health Network (SEHN) in 1994 and became its executive director.[5][6] Raffensperger has written on the Precautionary Principle.[7][8][9] She has spoken in public on the issue and has appeared on TEDx[10] and EnviroVideo with Karl Grossman.[11] In 1998, Raffensperger convened and attended the Wingspread Conference on the Precautionary Principle.[12] The first use of the phrase "ecological medicine" is attributed to Raffensperger, in an article entitled "Our Planet, Our Selves" on the UTNE website.[13] Ecological medicine refers to the way in which people and the environment interact, and how an individual's acts towards the environment can have a negative effect on health.[14]


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