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Carros de Foc is a street theater company with its headquarters in Alicante (Spain). Their unique traits in the shows are the Giant Mobile Sculptures that are combined with different artistic disciplines in order to create surprising shows. The Company has represented Spain in different Street Theater Festivals around Europe and Africa.

Salvador, La Marioneta Gigante in Bucharest, Romania


Carros de Foc, the urban theater company founded by Miguel Angel Martin Bordera, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014

Founded by Miguel Ángel Martín Bordera, son of “falleros” of long tradition and renowned prestige, Carros de Foc has evolved from a street animation group towards a new urban theater concept away from the conventional. It is a Spanish Urban Theatre company whose philosophy in their works is to transport the audience into magic and fantastic atmospheres. They try to turn every urban space or event where they participate into a unique experience for the audience through a refined work with lighting effects, image and sounds. There is where The Giant Mobile Sculptures become important and join the other artistic disciplines, such as air acrobatics, rope choreographies or fire fans.

Salvador in Obernai, France

Artistic Concept[edit]

Their shows combine different artistic disciplines such as air acrobatics, dance, hoop acrobatics, theater performance with the Giant Mobile Sculptures to create unique and unbelievable atmospheres. The Giant Mobile Sculptures are big seized original creations which seem to come to life; they are jointed and provided with mobility, reaching 12 meters tall. Their realistic looks make them surprising and they represent animals or fantastic characters. The scenic design where the company structures their performances is both own designed and produced and is at exhibition´s service in order to create a complete visual experience. The character´s portrayal, the costumes and the body make up, which have latex details, are all combined to join the different artistic disciplines and be the core of their exhibitions, composing a nonpareil and creative force product.

Fire juggling at "Natural Spirit" show
Royal Horse in France
Acrobatics during "Natural Spirit"
Acrobatics over Salvador, La Marioneta Gigante


Eagle Sophia show at Sibiu Festival, Romania

Large Format[edit]

Medium Format[edit]


Salvador and Royal Horse in Valencia.

A la carte Show[edit]


Chariots Of Fire is a company which due to its popularity attracts the interest of television stations and other forms of media wherever they are putting on a show.









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