Carsten Hopstock

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Carsten Hopstock

Carsten Henrik Hopstock (13 March 1924 – 31 January 2014) was a Norwegian curator and historian.

He was born in Kragerø as a son of pharmacist Frantz Philip Hopstock (1891–1977) and Lilly Haanshus (1887–1982). He graduated from the University of Oslo with the degree (PhD equivalent) in 1953, majoring in art history and minoring in history and archaeology. In 1958 he married painter and writer Kirsti Marianne Nygård-Nilssen, a daughter of Arne Nygård-Nilssen and Maja Refsum. He died in January 2014.[1]

In 1954 he was hired as a curator at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.[1] As such he got responsibility for Bogstad Stiftelse (Bogstad manor) from 1955 and the Norwegian Pharmacy Museum from 1963.[2]

Important books include Stoler og stiler (1955 with Stephan Tschudi-Madsen), Norwegian Design (1957), Rosendal. Baroni og bygning (1965 with Stephan Tschudi-Madsen), Buchholmgården i Kragerø (1965), Stabbestad – Kragerøslekten Heuchs lystgård (1967), Kragerø apotek 1770–1970 (1970), Søndre Kalstad og Kragerøslekten Biørn (1975) and Jarlsberg. En norsk grevelig residens (1983 with Wasberg, Kavli and Hjelde). He contributed to volume three of Norges kulturhistorie. His ultimate work was the two-volume Bogstad. Et storgods gjennom 300 år in 1997.[1][2]

He was a member of the Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature.[3]


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