Cartridge Creek

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Cartridge Creek
Ansel Adams - National Archives 79-AA-H26.jpg
A photograph taken by Ansel Adams of the Middle Fork Kings River from the south fork of Cartridge Creek.
EtymologyFrank Lewis named it in the 1870s after a bear hunt that used many gun cartridges
Primary outflowsMiddle Fork Kings River
SettlementsFresno, California, United States

Coordinates: 36°59′49″N 118°35′19″W / 36.99688°N 118.58871°W / 36.99688; -118.58871

Cartridge Creek is a creek near Fresno, California. It terminates in the Middle Fork Kings River.[1] The creek is part of Kings Canyon National Park.[2] A pass above the headwaters of the creek has an old sheep trail over it.[3] The creek was named by Frank Lewis while on a hunting trip in the 1870s. The following quote records the event: "While hunting with a young friend, Harrison Hill, I wounded a bear and told him to finish it. He became excited and threw all the shells out of his Winchester without firing a shot."[4]


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