Cary Safe Company

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Cary Safe Company
IndustrySecurity technology
FounderHorace D. Cary
ProductsSafes, locks, bank vaults, safe deposit boxes, prison cells

The Cary Safe Company is a defunct safe company that was established and located in Buffalo, New York.


The company manufactured and sold bank vaults, cabinets (safes), and safe deposit boxes from 1878 to 1929.[1] A majority of the safes sold by Cary had letters painted to the purchaser's request on the upper portion of the safe. Typically common was a customer's family name or the name of a business. Every Cary safe was built fire and burglar-proof. The company also manufactured intricate time locks and combination locks, (standard key) locks, and prison cells.[2]


Although founded in 1878, the company wasn't incorporated until 1889. Members of the old firm continued with the new company.[2]

These members include:

President Horace D. Cary
Vice President Edgar B. Jewett
Secretary Sherman L. Cary
Treasurer Albert W. Smith
Superintendent J. H. Goehler

The company also employed a number of traveling salesmen around the United States.


Popular company advertising slogans included:[3][4]

  • "Growing Great Since Seventy Eight"
  • CARY SAFES "The Safe Investment"
  • "Uniform Strength Throughout"


Cary Safe Company production building

The company's headquarters, which included production and office buildings, was located in a 1 1/2-acre, three-story building, at the corner of 250-266 Chicago Street and 217–249 Scott Street.[5] In the 1920s a service and sales building was opened at 1200 Niagara Street.


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