Cascadia Con

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Cascadia Con
GenreScience fiction/Fantasy
VenueSeattle Airport Hilton and Conference Center
Location(s)SeaTac, Washington
CountryUnited States
InauguratedSeptember 1–5, 2005
Organized bySeattle Westercon Organizing Committee
Filing status501(c)(3)
Website (was at )

Cascadia Con was the eighth North American Science Fiction Convention, held in SeaTac, Washington, on September 1–5, 2005, at the Seattle Airport Hilton and Conference Center.[1][2] This NASFiC was held because Glasgow, Scotland, was selected as the location for the 2005 Worldcon.[3]

Guests of honor[edit]



Heinlein Award[edit]

The Heinlein Award was presented by the Heinlein Society to Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

Site selection[edit]

After the "UK in 2005" bid was selected, essentially unopposed, as the World Science Fiction Convention to be held in 2005 (as "Interaction" in Glasgow, Scotland, the WSFS Business Meeting directed that a written ballot election be held at TorCon 3, the 2003 Worldcon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to select a NASFiC site for 2005. The Seattle bid won by "5 or 6" votes out of the roughly 400 cast.[4]

At Cascadia Con, St. Louis won the vote for the 9th North American Science Fiction Convention in 2007. This is only the second time which a NASFiC site selection vote has been held at a NASFiC.

Notable program participants[edit]


The anthology Northwest Passages was sponsored by Cascadia Con and released at the convention. It was published by Windstorm Creative and edited by Cris DiMarco. Over 950 authors submitted stories for this anthology, of which 25 were selected for publication.


Cascadia Con was held under the auspices of SWOC, the Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee.

  • Chair: Bobbie DuFault

Division heads[edit]

  • Finance Vice-Chair: Susan Robinson
  • Administration Vice-Chair: Pat Porter
  • Facilities: Glenn Glazer
  • Operations: Marah Searle-Kovacevic, Cheryl Ferguson
  • Information Technology Systems: Jerry Gieseke
  • Membership Services: Dave Schaber
  • Hospitality: Jackie Sherry
  • Publications: Allyn Llyr
  • Programming: Alex von Thorn
  • Special Events: Michael Kemnir
  • Video/Film: Bruce E. Durocher II


  • Bid Chair: Bobbie DuFault
  • Bid Vice-Chair: Alex von Thorn

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