Caseros (Buenos Aires Underground)

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Línea H (SBASE) bullet.svg
Línea H, los andenes y el mural (Buenos Aires, noviembre 2008).jpg
LocationJujuy and Caseros
Coordinates34°38′9″S 58°23′56.1″W / 34.63583°S 58.398917°W / -34.63583; -58.398917Coordinates: 34°38′9″S 58°23′56.1″W / 34.63583°S 58.398917°W / -34.63583; -58.398917
PlatformsSide platforms
Preceding station   Subte gcba logo.png Subte   Following station
Línea H (SBASE) bullet.svg Line H
toward Hospitales

Caseros Station is a station on Line H of the Buenos Aires Underground.[1] It was the line's southern terminus between the line's opening on 18 October 2007 and the opening of Parque Patricios Station on 4 October 2011.


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