Cashtown Inn

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Cashtown Inn
Cashtown Inn Present.JPG
Cashtown Inn
Cashtown Inn is located in Pennsylvania
Cashtown Inn
Location within Pennsylvania
General information
Type Bed & Breakfast
Location Cashtown, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 39°53.078′N 77°21.625′W / 39.884633°N 77.360417°W / 39.884633; -77.360417
Owner Jack and Maria Paladino

Cashtown Inn is a historic bed & breakfast located in Cashtown, Pennsylvania, about 8 miles from Gettysburg.


The Cashtown Inn was built in 1797 and got its name from Peter Marck, the first innkeeper, who would only accept cash. The crossroads it sat near would eventually bear the same name, Cashtown. In 1815, Marck acquired a tavern license and originally had four rooms available.

During the Gettysburg Campaign, the inn became the headquarters for many Confederate officers and staff, including Generals A. P. Hill, John D. Imboden, and Henry Heth. The basement also served as a field hospital during the battle, and it is said that so many amputations were performed, that the limbs piled up outside blocked any sunlight from coming in the cellar window.


The Cashtown Inn now has four rooms and three suites, each named after a Confederate general. In recent years, the inn has gotten a lot of media attention, especially due to paranormal activity. It was the subject of the season four Ghost Hunters episode "The Fear Cage." The inn is also seen in the movie Gettysburg and actor Sam Elliott stayed here during filming.[1]


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