Casi Justicia Social

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Casi Justicia Social
Band logo
Background information
Origin Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Argentine Rock
Years active 2010-2012
2014 - actuality
Associated acts Callejeros
Members Pato (Patricio Santos Fontanet) (Lead singer)
Christián Dios Torrejón (Bass)
Abel "Crispín" Pedrellos (guitar)
Luis Lamas (drums)
Álvaro Pedi Puentes (guitar and vocals)[1]

Casi Justicia Social (Almost Social Justice) or CJS (according to its initials) was an Argentine rock band formed on November 2010, when Patricio Santos Fontanet changed the name of Callejeros, after their official separation on November 12. The band changed its name in 2014 to Don Osvaldo.


The new band debuted in the Club Banda Norte de Río Cuarto, Córdoba. Interpreting songs from his anterior musical group, Callejeros excepting four new songs.


Late in 2010, after the dissolution of Callejeros by internal problems caused by the events happened in República Cromagnon and subsequents problems to the justice and victim's families, Patricio Santos Fontanet announced the formation of Casi Justicia Social with some ex-members. The new band gets CJS's initials, that sometimes identified Callejeros.


After the new formation, CJS played concerts on different points from Argentina, playing songs from Callejeros and Casi Justicia Social's own songs like "O no", "Suerte", "Acordate" and "Tanto de todo".

Late in May 2012, after suspending shows programmed by June and July, they make public the notice that they will start with the pre-production of its first studio album.


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