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Cassiya is one of the most popular sega music groups from Mauritius[1] founded in 1988.

They were most popular in the mid-1990s.[2] Their influence was not limited to their home island; they also influenced sega musicians on Réunion.[2] They formed their own record label, Cassiya Productions.[2]


  • Album d'or (Cassiya Productions, 2000)[3]
  • Cassiya, la Suite (2001, includes the single "Le Morne", named after the mountain)[4]


  • Alain La Fleur
  • Désiré François
  • Gérard Louis
  • Bruno François
  • Damien Elisa (left group)
  • Alain Ramanisum (left group for a solo career)
  • Silvio Ravina (deceased)

Former member[edit]

  • Alain Ramanisum (now has a solo career)[5]


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