Castellazzo di Camastra

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Castellazzo di Camastra
Camastra, Sicily, Italy
Coordinates37°16′20.8″N 13°48′29.62″E / 37.272444°N 13.8082278°E / 37.272444; 13.8082278
Site information
Site history
Built14th century

The Castellazzo di Camastra is a castle in Camastra, Sicily. It was built in the 14th century, and it now lies in ruins.


The Castellazzo was built in the 14th century on the edge of a rocky plateau to control the surrounding estates. The oldest reference to a turris Camastra dates back to 1366, and in 1374 the area was in the possession of the nobleman Manfredi Chiaramonte.[1]

The site of the Castellazzo has been identified with the legendary city of Camico.[2]


The Castellazzo consists of an irregular pentagonal tower, which is made up of stones bound together by mortar. Parts of the structure also consist of Cyclopean masonry.[3] Some of the remaining walls are up to 3.5m high.[1]


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