Castle Lime Works Quarry

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Castle Lime Works Quarry
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Castle Lime Works Quarry.JPG
Area of Search Hertfordshire
Grid reference TL229026
Interest Geological
Area 1.6 hectares
Notification 1986
Location map Magic Map

Castle Lime Works Quarry is a 1.6 hectare (3.9 acre) geological Site of Special Scientific Interest near South Mimms in Hertfordshire. The site was notified in 1986 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The site is a disused chalk quarry and according to Natural England:

This reveals extensive piping in the top of the chalk resulting from solution at the Chalk - Tertiary sediment interface. Believed to have formed during the Tertiary and Pleistocene, it is the finest exposure of clay-filled pipes in the Chalk Karst of England.[1][2]

The site is on private land and there is no public access.

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Coordinates: 51°42′31″N 0°13′22″W / 51.70868°N 0.22268°W / 51.70868; -0.22268