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Origin Champaign, Illinois, U.S.
Genres Indie rock
Years active 1994 - 1998

Castor was an American indie rock/emo band from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Formed in 1994, they were known for their "fluid" sound, often changing time signatures several times in a song while maintaining the flow of the music. They released two albums, the first self titled in 1995, the second Tracking Sounds Alone posthumously in 1998. Both albums are now out of print and only available in digital format online.

Singer and guitarist Jeff Garber and bassist Derek Niedringhaus recorded an album under the band name "Big Bright Lights" in 1997 which was not released until 2001.

During their existence they toured with other influential Champaign-Urbana acts Braid and Hum amongst others.

Garber went on to play in the bands National Skyline and Year of the Rabbit. Niedringhaus also joined National Skyline, later forming Centaur with Hum singer/guitarist Matt Talbott, the producer of their only single.

Former line-up[edit]

  • Ben Eversmann
  • Jeff Garber
  • Derek Niedringhaus
  • Jason Vance


Studio albums
  • Castor (1995)
  • Tracking Sounds Alone (1998)
Live albums
  • The Basement Recordings: Live at Cicero's (1997) - alternate lyrical version of The Halo Befriends Me
  • "Carnival/Miss Atlantic" (1997)

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