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Casumina Company
ProductsMotor vehicle tires

The Southern Rubber Industry Joint Stock Company, or Casumina, is a tire manufacturer in Vietnam. It has factories in the south of Vietnam producing tyres and inner tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, light truck, trucks, forklifts, and tractors.


  • Trucks and light trucks tires and tubes
  • Motorbike tires and tubes
  • Bike tires and tubes
  • Industrial tires and tubes
  • Forklift tires
  • Agricultural and gardening tires and tubes
  • Technical rubber spare parts
  • Latex gloves, condoms
  • Conveyor belts, V-belts
  • Bridge bearings and dock fenders.

In 2009 it produced the following quantities:

  • Bicycle tires - 4.0 million (2008 4.19 million)
  • Motorcycle tires - 4.95 m (2008 4.68m)
  • Car tires - 0.807m (2008 0.682m)
  • Motor cycle tubes 20m (2008 16.4m)
  • Total sales 2504 billion dong (2152 billion dong)
  • Operating profit 328 billion dong (4.66 billion dong)
  • Exports US$57.2 million (US$74.6million)



Euromina is a brand name of Casumina, created in 2008. Euromina is a product for scooters.


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