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This category lists articles which contain {{Infobox animanga}} components that are missing one or more of the essential parameters.

Currently, this category contains articles missing the following parameters:

  • {{Infobox animanga/Header}}
    • |image=
    • |caption=
    • |genre=
  • {{Infobox animanga/Print}}
    • |author=
    • |publisher=
    • |first= or |published=
  • {{Infobox animanga/Video}}
    • |director=
    • |studio=
    • |network= (if |type= is defined as "tv series", "tv film", "drama", or "special")
    • |first= or |released=
    • |runtime= (if |type= is defined as "tv film", "special", "ova", "ona", "live video", "film", or "live film")