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Artscene groups listed here are organized bodies of artists within the underground computer artscene. Beginning with Aces of ANSI Art (<A.A.A>), these teams first began to spring up in the IBM PC scene in 1989. During the BBS era, a traditional artscene group would release an artpack on a month-to-month basis. A typical artpack may contain ANSI art and ASCII art, and some times generated from the RIPscrip protocol or VGA-mode art, referred to as hirez within the artscene.

Some artscene groups survived the transition to the internet during the 1990s. The surviving groups are either completely dedicated to modern, high resolution graphics, or release ANSI and ASCII art for nostalgic purposes. However, new groups continue to form to this day, adopting many of the habits of the older, BBS-driven artscene.

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