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This category is for animators holding the nationality of undivided Korea. In general this means people whose pertinent status or activities occur during Korea under Japanese rule (1910–1945), the Korean Empire (1897–1910), the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1897), or preceding time periods.

People of the Korean peninsula who would be categorised as animators solely due to activities or status after 1948 normally do not belong in this category, but should be placed in the subcategories Category:North Korean animators or Category:South Korean animators based on their nationality, place of origin, or place of residence. However, Korean people living abroad who never had any national affiliation with either North or South Korea (such as Koreans in Japan who never declared a change of nationality from Chōsen-seki), or whose nationality is not publicly known, should remain in this category. Common sense should be used to determine whether people whose pertinent activities or status occur between 1945 to 1948 belong in this category rather than North or South Korean subcategories.


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