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These templates (each of which should be named welcomeen-xx, where xx is a two-letter language code) are welcome messages for users who are creating or editing articles in poor English, and whose native language is known or can be guessed with reasonable confidence. (If the user has been writing articles in another language, one of the templates on Category:Non-English user warning templates should be used instead.)

Each translation should start with {{subst:welcomeen-en|xx|Language}}, where xx is the language code and Language is the name of the language in English, followed by a translation of that. For example, adding {{subst:welcomeen-en|ja|Japanese}} to a user's page would result in:

Hello, {{SUBST:BASEPAGENAME}}, and welcome to Wikipedia! While efforts to improve Wikipedia are always welcome, unfortunately your contributions are not written in English that is good enough to be useful. You appear to be more familiar with Japanese; did you know there is a Japanese Wikipedia? You may prefer to contribute there instead. In any case, welcome to the project, and thank you for your efforts! ~~~~

followed by the same text in Japanese. It can thus be read by both the user and any English-speaking reader.

Be sure to use subst: to import the English template, to ensure that the English and non-English texts always match. Also, note that only the English template takes parameters; the language name and code should be hard-coded in others.