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Category Creation[edit]

I wasn't sure that this was the perfect title for this category, but Wikipedia definitely needed some sort of category for pages that relate to attempts to accurately model, simulate or emulate human metrics, and perhaps eventually there could be a broader category for modelling animals and plants, with "humans" as a subcategory.

But for now, I figured that the priority was to create a category that would let us at least find the material that's already here, and assess its breadth and depth, and that might perhaps encourage the creation of new articles. There didn't seem to be an existing category that pulled all this material together.

If the title is going to be changed, I think that it's worth holding off on any decisions for a while (5 Dec 08), and wait until this aspect of Wikipedia has become a bit more mature (unless anyone comes up with a Particularly Brilliant Idea), so that we don't accidentally make the category too narrow. It'd be nice to have a category that could include "artistic" studies of proportionality (eg daVinci's Vitruvian Man), as well as biological metric studies. The current title "anatomical simulation" was meant to be deliberately vague. Suggestions for alternative titles welcome. ErkDemon (talk) 16:15, 5 December 2008 (UTC)