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Reorganization proposal[edit]

There are (at least) two categories for database technologies: Category:Databases and Category:Database management systems. Articles seem to have been placed in one or the other, or both, arbitrarily. Both categories include a {{catdiffuse}} template, pleading for reorganization.

I propose that Category:Database management systems be used exclusively for individual database software packages, and that Category:Databases be used for all other articles that relate to computer databases, including articles on general database technology, database books, database authors, etc.

This would involve:

  1. Making Category:Database management systems a subcategory of Category:Databases.
  2. Moving all articles that refer to specific database software packages (e.g. Oracle Enterprise Manager, IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft Access, etc.) into Category:Database management systems.
  3. Adding notes to the top of each category to clarify the distinction.

Please comment. I will begin reorganizing on Monday, January 7, 2007 if there is no significant opposition. Tim Pierce 14:18, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Query Optimization[edit]

The article on Query Optimization ( needs to be categorized under database as well.