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                          Dear Sir/Madam,
                                         There is a floating Island in Fiji where the dead go to rest,I see you mentioned bulubulu(buriel gound)and these ground's are sacred to the Fijian people,a place of taboo(tabu).After the buriel the soul is taken to the floating island which is called "Burotukula",not "Burotu"....Burotu is a village near the Chiefly Island of Bau in the Tailevu province and my family are the care takers of the Island of "Burotukula".My grandfather a Ratu has told me of my family history,where we came from (long journey from Israel to Persia,India and across the Pacific Ocean to Fiji Islands with the "Ark Of The Covenant".For year's I have been studying my family history and based on my grandfathers story I followed my name,"Tarai"....
                          The "Tarai" family is part of the "Cakobau Tribe",Tarai family are the Chief of Vatoa,Bau.Tarai has no other Chief higher than them but only the Cakobau family.The Chiefly Island of Bau is divided into 3sections,they are named "Lasakau","Naisoqolaca" and "Mataiwelagi".Mataiwelagi is the home of the "King Of Fiji"(The Vunivalu),my ancestor's grew up in the King's house and we are known as na kai vale(we belong to the house).The Tarai family are well respected within the trditional Fijian comunity but very little is known about them in now modern times.It is sad to know that some people do not know their status within the Fijian culture.
                           Tarai family have alway's cherish and love their only "Ratu" the "Cakobau Family",and to the Tarai"s the welbeing of the Cakobau are alway's their first priority,this was alway's from the beginning and duty to the end.If anything something should be said about the Tarai family of Fiji. 12:09, 30 May 2007 (UTC)Zac Walters of Australia