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I am writing to inquire as to how and when to submit a non-fiction novel relative to my actual experience in serving as a member of the International Police Task Force, (IPTF, a subdivision of the United Nations) in the post civil war period of the former Yugoslavia in the late 1990's. I am a veteran of 33 years service with the Duluth, Minnesota Police Department, was raised speaking the language of the Yugoslavs, I.E., Serbo-Croat and due to that fact, was recruited to serve with the IPTF in its' efforts to democratize law enforcement in that former communist country.

I was retired from the Duluth PD at that initial contact from a deputy commissioner of the IPTF, but several factors caused me to relent and sign on. One factor was that with my experience and ability to communicate with the folks, pimarily local law enforcement leaders, I might aid in making a difference in that land.

I accepted, went to Bosnia-Hercegovina former republic of Yugosavia and spent all of 1998 in the Mostar region.

There were a great number of incidents which took place, a number of which involved inappropriate police behavior and which same behavior led me, a an IPTF station commander, to take specific remedial action and which same actions caused some tense situations to arise.

During my time in country, I accumulated, and saved, numerous reports and documents from which I have worked to produce a narative about these weeks and months spent in a sometimes tense environment.

For background, the IPTF is comprised ot professional police officers, most administrators and experienced investigators, from 42 nations across the globe.

The language of the IPYF was English thus, anyone accepting assignment to that unit found it necessary to satisfy interviewers that he/she could speak, read and write English. Quite remarkable when you see that IPTF was made up of persons from places such as Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, Ghana, Germany, France, Jordan, Indonesia, India, Argentina,so communication was never a problem.

The tentative title of my book is "Neretva, a River of Blood"

If there is any interest in publishing this work, I can be reached at: 2504 Peace Drive, DSuluth, MN 55811; Ph. 218-727-7862; e-mail:

Eli J. Miletich