Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure, Banja Luka

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Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure
Католичка црква похода Блажене Дјевице Марије Светој Елизабети 10.JPG
44°46′30″N 17°11′42″E / 44.775053°N 17.194939°E / 44.775053; 17.194939Coordinates: 44°46′30″N 17°11′42″E / 44.775053°N 17.194939°E / 44.775053; 17.194939
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denomination Roman Catholic
Dedication Bonaventure
Consecrated 1 December 2001
Status Cathedral
Functional status Active
Architect(s) Alfred Pichler
Style Modern
Groundbreaking 1972
Completed 1973
Bells 5
Archdiocese Vrhbosna
Diocese Banja Luka
Archbishop Vinko Puljić
Bishop(s) Franjo Komarica

The Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure in Banja Luka is one of four Roman Catholic cathedrals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the seat of the Banja Luka Bishopric currently led by Bishop Franjo Komarica.

The Cathedral was built in honor of Saint Bonaventure, a Franciscan theologian from the Middle Ages. It was constructed by Alfred Pichler in the 1970s after the original had been damaged in an earthquake.

The building suffered damage in the Bosnian War, but was reinaugurated in 2001 after the completion of repairs.