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Catherine Alexander (born 1940) is an American author and teacher, living near Seattle, Washington. To date she has published stories in 29 literary journals, including North Atlantic Review, Rosebud (two successive issues), Bryant Literary Review, Rockhurst Review and won "Jurors' Choice" in Spindrift. National Public Radio has aired her work.

Her story, "Backyards," was performed by Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle in TV's CSI) in a Los Angeles Word Theatre production. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Ploughshares Award for Emerging Writers. She has taught fiction and memoir at the University of Washington, Horizon House in Seattle, writing conferences, senior centers and to homeless groups. Currently teaching at Edmonds Community College and privately in Lynnwood and Seattle, she lives in Edmonds, Washington.

Early life[edit]

Catherine was born in 1940 in Cleveland, Ohio. She grew up in Lakewood, Ohio.


Catherine Alexander is currently teaching at Edmonds Community College. She previously taught fiction and memoir writing at the University of Washington.

Personal life[edit]

From 1958-1960 she studied at Bowling Green State University. After college she lived in New York City until 1968, when she married and moved to Fairbanks. Two years later she and her husband adopted a daughter. The family moved to Eureka, California in 1973 and later to Seattle, Washington in 1981.

She served as Assistant to the Chair at the University of Washington Department of Pathology for over 20 years. Upon her retirement she moved to Edmonds, Washington, where she teaches and writes.


Short stories[edit]

  • Up River (Short Story)(2004)
  • The Bear in the Outhouse - Sidewalks, Fall / Winter (1996 / 1997)
  • The Little Girl With Red Hair - Children, Churches & Daddies, September (1996)
  • Jackie Kennedy Legs - North Atlantic Review #10, (1998)
  • Dancing on Seventy-Fourth Street - I Thought My Father Was God and Other True Tales - NPR National Story Project (2000)
  • Street Madonna - Rosebud, Issue 29 - April (2004)
  • Backyards - Spindrift, (1997) - Nominated for the Pushcart Prize
  • Picasso and Zita - Rockhurst Review - Vol 19, Spring (2006)
  • Two Hobos - RiverLit Magazine - Issue #4 (2012)
  • Blue Apron - The Meadow, Spring (2012)
  • Walter and Gabriella - Love Hurts Anthology, February (2012)
  • For Lilabet - Zest Literary Journal, October (2012)


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