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Catherine Wessinger (/ˈwɛsɪŋər/) is an American religion scholar. She is the Rev. H. James Yamauchi, S.J. Professor of the History of Religions at Loyola University New Orleans where she teaches religious studies with a main research focus on millennialism, new religions, women and religion, and religions of India. Wessinger is co-general editor of Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions.[1] She served as a consultant to federal law enforcement during the Montana Freemen standoff[2] and has been cited for her expertise concerning the Branch Davidians and other apocalyptic groups.[3] She is the editor of the Women in Religions series at New York University Press and she is co-editor of the Women in the World's Religions and Spirituality Project, part of the World Religions and Spirituality Project.



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