Catherine of Lorraine, Margravine of Baden-Baden

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Catherine of Lorraine
Spouse(s) Jacob, Margrave of Baden-Baden
Noble family House of Châtenois
Father Charles II, Duke of Lorraine
Mother Margaret of the Palatinate
Born 1407
Died 1 March 1439(1439-03-01)

Catherine of Lorraine (1407 – 1 March 1439) was the wife of Margrave Jacob of Baden-Baden.

She was the daughter of Duke Charles II of Lorraine and the countess Margaret of the Palatinate.

She married on 25 July 1422 with Margrave Jacob of Baden-Baden. they had the following children:

  1. Charles I, Margrave of Baden-Baden (d. 24 February 1475, Pforzheim).
  2. Bernard II, Margrave of Baden-Baden (later beatified) (1428–12 July 1458, Moncalieri).
  3. John (1430–9 February 1503, Ehrenbreitstein), Archbishop of Trier.
  4. George (1433–11 February 1484, Moyen), Bishop of Metz.
  5. Markus (1434–1 September 1478), abbot in Liège.
  6. Margarete (1431–24 October 1457, Ansbach), married 1446 to Albert III, Margrave of Brandenburg.
  7. Matilde (d. 1485), Abbess of Trier.