Catherine of France, Countess of Montpensier

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Catherine of France
Countess of Montpensier
Spouse(s) John de Valois, Count of Montpensier
Noble family Valois
Father Charles V of France
Mother Joanna of Bourbon
Born 1378
Died 1388

Catherine of France (4 February 1378 – November 1388) was the youngest child of Charles V of France and Joanna of Bourbon, who were cousins. She was a sibling of Charles VI of France and Louis of Valois, Duke of Orléans.


Catherine was born in Paris. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father was deeply upset with the loss of his wife. He died two years later.

Catherine was married to the infant John of Berry in 1386, at the age of eight. They had no children because of the couple's young age. Catherine died in childhood, like many of her siblings. Her brother, Charles succeeded to the throne of France in 1380, Catherine was only two years old at the time. During his reign, Charles suffered from insanity that he had inherited from his mother.[citation needed]