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The Catholic Campaign for America (CCA) is a Roman Catholic activist organization founded in 1989 by Thomas V. Wykes, Jr., "who wanted to address the moral crisis in America with a Catholic response".

In 1991, Wykes gathered together several notable Catholic leaders in Washington, D.C., who constituted the CCA's first Board. They included William Bennett, Mary Ellen Bork, Bishop René Henry Gracida, and the now-deceased Hugh Carey (former Governor of New York). According to the National Catholic Register, the CCA was initiated to "bring a politically powerful and distinctively Catholic voice to the U.S. political scene".

Wykes is also the founding president of Springtime of Faith Foundation, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.


"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a private opinion, a remote spiritual ideal, or a mere program for spiritual growth. The Gospel is the power to transform the world."

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