List of Roman Catholic churches in Leicester

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This is a list of Roman Catholic churches in the city of Leicester, England. Both open and closed Roman Catholic churches are included.

Open churches[edit]

St Thomas More, Knighton Road
  • Holy Cross Priory, Wellington Street
  • Most Blessed Sacrament, Gooding Avenue, Braunstone
  • Mother of God, New Parks Boulevard
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel, Gleneagles Avenue
  • Our Lady of the Rosary, Armadale Drive, Netherall
  • Sacred Heart, Mere Road
  • St Anne (Society of Saint Pius X), Abingdon Road
  • St Edward the Confessor, Aylestone Road
  • St John Bosco, Pasley Road, Eyres Monsell
  • St Joseph, Uppingham Road
  • St Patrick, Beaumont Leys Lane
  • St Peter, Hinckley Road
  • St Thomas More, Knighton Road
  • Polish Church, Wakerley Road
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church, Moira Street (now Shree Shakti Mandir) 2005

Closed churches[edit]

  • Our Lady of Good Counsel, Moira Street
  • St John Bosco, Stonesby Avenue
  • St Margaret, Wakerley Road
  • St Michael, Causeway Lane
  • St Patrick, Royal East Street
  • St Peter, Leamington Street