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Cattier (or Champagne Cattier) is a family-owned Champagne house situated in the village Chigny-les-Roses in the Montagne de Reims part of Champagne, France. The Cattier Family have been vineyard owners since 1763, and started to produce Champagnes under their own name in 1918. Cattier owns 20 hectares of vineyards, which are mainly classified as Premier Cru on the village-based Champagne classification scale Autre CruPremier CruGrand Cru.[1] In 2006, Cattier's sales exceeded one million bottles for the first time.

Cattier produces a number of Champagnes ranging in varietal composition from 100% Chardonnay (a Blanc de blancs) to 75% dark-skinned Pinots (noir and Meunier) and 25% Chardonnay.[2] Cattier is also noted for producing several Champagnes in spectacular bottles,[3] such as a blue glass bottle with a pewter label, a red glass bottle (under the designation "Red Kiss"), a gold-plated bottle designed by Pascal Morabito (under the designation Brut Sésame Millésimée), and a transparent bottle (under the designation Brut Quartz 1er Cru). The content of the spectacular bottles is in some cases Cattier's standard Champagne, and in other cases a limited special cuvée.[3] Sometimes a metal-thread presentation case, in some made of golden-colored thread in arabesque design, is included with the bottles.

An example of Cattier's bottles. Front of a bottle of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, introduced on the US market in 2006 at a premium price.

Armand de Brignac[edit]

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In 2006, a dormant Champagne name owned by Cattier, de Brignac, was resurrected to be used for some of Cattier's spectacular bottles.[4] The Champagne Armand de Brignac Brut Gold was introduced featuring a gold-colored bottle with a pewter label made in an ace of spades design.

U.S. product placement[edit]

At least one Cattier distributor in the United States has been a client of the Ross Group, a product placement company, since November 2006.[5][6][7] Various Cattier Champagnes, including the Blanc de Noirs and Brut Rosé, are shown in several music videos, and have been placed at celebrity parties.[8][9]


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